CPA 2.0 Workshop


If you:

  • Have you already invested in marketing and did not achieve the expected results?
  • Do you want to start the digital journey but do not know how?
  • Are you tired of complaining about unfair competition and want to take an entrepreneurial attitude?
  • Then this is the right program for you!

CPA 2.0 Workshop: An extraordinary immersion program for the digital transformation of the accounting firm making it a high value business partner for your clients!

“The main learning of CPA 2.0 Workshop was that segmentation is the way to succeed in business today, and the justifications presented in the course make perfect sense” – Renato Leão, marketing director of Previsa Assessoria Contábil e Empresarial, One of the largest accounting firms in Brazil.

What results can you expect from the Workshop?

  • First, a big difference in your mind set or your way of thinking in business. I can assure you that you will come out different, with the mental model aligned with global entrepreneurial thinking. The debates, the themes and the dynamics will lead you to think “out of the box”.
  • You will also look at your company with another, much more strategic and objective look. You will understand the dynamics of the market and how you can make the most of the opportunities.
  • Undoubtedly, you will understand high-level marketing strategies to get out of the price competition.
  • You will learn sales techniques used by large global corporations.
  • Finally, one of the fundamental pillars for companies that stand out in their markets: excellence in customer service, principles, “sense of purpose”, motivation and employee engagement, by applying techniques globally recognized by companies like Disney.

Global methodologies for management, innovation, marketing and sales

The adopted methodology was specially compiled from the best global practices of strategic planning, marketing and consultative sales. It integrates concepts such as SWOT, Business Model Generation (Canvas), Thinking Design, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Solution Selling, SPIN Selling and Inbound Marketing.

The course is fully customized to the accounting services market with the explanation of advanced concepts, examples, studies, and practical application of these concepts using activities that will allow you to exercise and learn all of the subjects. During the course there is a huge interaction between the participants, a rich exchange of experiences and a priceless networking.

Working with your office’s leadership team will be excellent. The results will be surprising. I guarantee that it will take the management to an extraordinary level.

Roadmap to High Value Business Partner

  • In the morning of the first day, you will conduct a business diagnosis using Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis, and other strategic planning techniques. In the afternoon, the possibilities of improvement or innovation in the business model will be analyzed. You will discover which markets are valuable to you.
  • In the morning of the second day, you’ll work on marketing strategies for a niche. In the afternoon of the second day you will learn advisory sales techniques to get the most out of your trading stocks.
  • The third day has a surprise subject, especially directed to leaders of accounting offices and entirely new. In this module you will develop the leadership and engagement of your employees in the purposes and principles of your company using techniques globally recognized by companies such as Disney. This module of the program has become an independent workshop.
Roadmap to High Value Business Partner

CPA 2.0: Roadmap to High Value Business Partner

THE FIRST DAY focuses on building Strategies for the Perfect Accounting Firm Model. The objective is to enable entrepreneurs to carry out the strategic planning of their business, promoting the necessary innovations to generate greater value to the services offered, as well as offering tools and methodologies for the change management.

THE SECOND DAY aims to empower entrepreneurs to create innovative business models by leveraging strengths and opportunities in niche markets. For this, the strategies and processes to control marketing and sales actions are defined.

For me it was a watershed in the way I used to see my accounting business before and from now on. It opened a range of perspectives for growth as an entrepreneur, since now I want to promote greater visibility in the market as competitive as ours. I liked the way the methodology was applied in the CPA 2.0 Workshop that made it possible to align theory with practice in a short period of time. Jonny Sousa Brito, accounting manager, Brasília / DF
“We decided to take part when we realized that Roberto was saying exactly what we believed in, which is, technologic models have changed and accountants can be much more productive by employing technology, which has led our company to develop free applications for themselves and their customers, In replacement of the famous ‘brown envelope’ of the past, filled with papers “Marcelo dos Santos, CGO (Chief Growth Officer) of ContaAzul
“I thought it would be something more ‘talk-and-listen’, but what I saw here today was a very large exchange of information between people, something quite different from what I’ve already seen there. It is not exactly a lecture, but a training focused on giving a north to the accountants “Lafaiete Dias de Lima, commercial coordinator of Certisign
“The CPA 2.0 Workshop is one of the indispensable requirements in order to think outside the box. Keywords #Discipline #Innovation #Persona “Catia Regina Neves, CEO, Ceo’s Accounting.
“Congratulations for the enriching content Roberto, you bring to us, businessmen, a lot of inspiration in the management of our offices. Much of what we saw in the CPA 2.0 workshop is already in the process of being rolled out and we have begun to realize the results. “Renata Lamounier, accountant, Nova Serrana / MG
“After 12 years of training in Accounting, I finally found the way of becoming an Entrepreneur. The Workshop was very important in sealing this choice. The sales and marketing techniques bring security to the good development and success in the activity. “Fernando Campanaro, accountant, Porto Alegre / RS
“I participated in the CPA 2.0 Workshop with Roberto Dias Duarte and I would like to share with you this experience. It went beyond my expectations. In a clear and objective way it leads us to make a diagnosis of our business and see a solution path. A lot of us read about strategic management of our customers, but what about our business, how is it? It is interesting to realize that the anxieties we have in Pará are the same as those of colleagues from other states, the more developed ones. It was an excellent day, an experience that I recommend to everyone. “Paula de Paula, accounting businesswoman, Belém / PA
“I was very pleased to participate in this workshop, because today I feel more motivated, full of new ideas, the subject was well approached, the interaction with the participants was also very productive. I want to thank the company for the initiative to share this moment with the accounting professionals. “Gleice Farias Vieira, Accountant, Águas Claras / DF


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